Triple F Radiosurgery is better on treatment delivery; patient comfort, beam matching, dose calculation accuracy and radiation protection. Since the time of treatment is shorter, the results are better than the higher time of treatment that increases the chances for inaccuracy, complications and other side effects. A decrease in head scatter, leaf transmission and out of field scatter, leads to reduced dose to the surrounding normal tissues and thereby reduce the risk of secondary cancers.

The strength of Yashoda Cancer Institute lies in the ability to offer all treatment modalities under one roof. The emphasis is on combining all modalities of treatment in the right combination to achieve the best results, while minimizing the side effects. The main focus on organ conservation surgery is to improve quality of life without affecting the chances of cure.

Triple F Radiosurgery - A Breakthrough in Cancer Care to open up limitless possibilities

Yashoda Cancer Institute, takes pride in presenting the flattening filter free (FFF) beam. It is a significant step as it will make the breakthrough technology more accessible and affordable to people across India.

Triple F Radiosurgery unveils a new realm in the world of radiotherapy wherein hypo-fractionated stereotactic treatments can be performed. Triple F technology is the Fastest: 1 to 3 days compared to the conventional 25 to 30 days of radiotherapy treatment. Increased dose rate leads to shortened treatment time, as low as 3 minutes per day, compared to 1 - 3 hours of other radiosurgery. With 4D Imaging it gives better outcomes, it has the highest Precision and it is the Safest as it reduces complications and side-effects.